Our Approach to Compassionate Care

Our Core Values


This motivates us to fully value and foster the dignity and individuality of each elder, family member and team member.


We recognize the needs of others, demonstrating empathy and taking actions to help.


We strive to do the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.


We work to be good stewards of our own resources, as well as those of our elders, by exercising thoughtful and responsible use of our time, skills, materials and finances with which we have been entrusted.


Going above and beyond what is expected with outstanding service.

Our Outcomes

Independent research of Green House communities shows sustained improvements in:

  • Quality of life — including privacy, dignity, autonomy, and emotional wellbeing
  • Quality of care — Elders have less depression, are less likely to be bedfast, are more active physically, develop dramatically fewer pressure ulcers and are hospitalized less frequently
  • Meaningful engagement — Four times more meaningful, one-on-one engagement time between elders and direct care workers each day
  • Family SatisfactionGreen House families are more satisfied with where their loved ones are living
  • Job SatisfactionGreen House staff members are more satisfied with their jobs and are more likely to stay longer at those jobs

Qualified Staff

With a combined 100+ years of service, our multi-disciplinary medical team and staff provide outstanding patient-focused care to our elders. Between physicians, nurse practitioners and professionals specializing in everything from speech pathology to wound care to physical/occupational therapy to dentistry to podiatry to eye care…we offer a complete package for medical and healthcare needs.


more engagement between staff and elders leads to:

Improved quality of care:  Green House elders maintained self-care abilities longer with fewer experiencing decline in late-loss Activities of Daily Living.  Fewer Green House elders experienced depression, being bedfast and having little or no activity.


hours of additional training contributes to:

 Improved quality of life:  Green House elders reported improvement in seven   domains of quality of life (privacy, dignity, meaningful activity, relationship, autonomy, food enjoyment and individuality) and emotional well-being.


more direct care staff in Arkansas Green Houses promotes:

 Increased engagement with elders: More than a four-fold increase in staff time spent engaging with elders (outside of direct care activities) in Green House settings.  


“There’s no place like it in the state. When you come here you don’t come to a hospital or a rehab setting that is not home. When you come here, you’re coming home.”

— John Montgomery,  Clinical Specialist at ProCare Therapy

“Because of the intimate and smaller environment we experience here at The Cottages of Belle Meade, the opportunity to develop deep relationships with the elders in turn helps them to live a better life.”

— Pam Diggs, Administrator