At Belle Meade, we’ve reimagined the institutional feel of the nursing home environment and captured what truly makes a house a home.

How are The Green House Cottages of Belle Meade different from other nursing homes?
Belle Meade cares for the same scope of residents/patients that traditional institutional nursing homes do, but in a uniquely different way. Just like in a real home, elders are surrounded by caregivers who know them like family, so they notice the little things, before they become issues. Our high staff-to-elder ratio makes this individualized, higher standard of care possible. There are other providers who may, for example, offer care in a smaller, home-like setting. But that doesn’t necessarily ensure that the person who lives there has the experience of living in a real home. Nor does it ensure that it is able to cater to an elder’s unique and personal needs. Trademarked Green House homes, on the other hand, combine small size and home layout with advanced staff training and more care time. That ensures that elders receive highly personalized care from a true caregiver in a real home.
Is Belle Meade significantly more expensive?
No. We make it possible to get the best care in a setting that is as close to a real home for about the same cost as living in a traditional nursing home and for less than many other culture change models. Our innovative staff model makes this possible, allowing our caregivers to work more efficiently while giving elders four times more personal and social contact. We accept private pay, Medicaid, and Medicare.
Can I visit my loved one when I want?
Yes! We want to provide elders with as much independence and freedom as they would have in their own home. We welcome and encourage family to visit and partake in everything we do at Belle Meade, just as you would in your own home. In order to maintain the sense of community that gives our homes a family-like atmosphere, we work to deeply know you and your loved ones to ensure that everyone is happy, healthy, and safe.
What or who is The Green House Project? How is Belle Meade related to them?
Our homes carry the trademark of The Green House Project to ensure that we offer the best care possible in an environment that looks and feels in every way like a real home. The Green House Project trademark means that our homes meet and maintain key standards, including small home size (12 elders max.), home layout, elder directed, advanced staff training and a high staff to elder ratio. What makes a real home is all of those things combined, not just one or the other.
How do I apply for admission?
To apply, contact our Admissions office at 870-236-7104. We will be glad to provide you with the needed information related to the admission process.
How fast is the admission process?
The admission process can vary from person to person. It is our goal to make this process as quick and easy as possible. Time restraints may include how soon we receive the proper clinical data, schedules of all involved in review process, including the applicant. Pre-admission assessments are done at the applicant’s convenience.
What information is needed for admission?
Current medical history and physical, medication list, and physician’s orders are required. Personal information such as date of birth, social security number, and insurance information will also be requested.
What care levels are offered at The Green House Cottages of Belle Meade?
We provide long-term care and a special Rehabilitation cottage for short-term rehabilitation. Our goal is to maximize functionality and quality of life and help all of our clients return safely to their home environment when able. For questions related to care levels, contact our Admissions office at 870-236-7104.
How can I set up a tour or appointment?
To schedule a tour or appointment for possible admission, contact our Admissions office at 870-236-7104. You may contact us at anytime; however, for the timeliest response we ask that you contact us during business hours, Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm, although our clinical team is available 24/7 to facilitate hospital transfers.
What type of insurance is accepted?
We currently accept long-term care insurance, Medicare (including Medicare replacement policies), Medicaid, and offer private pay options. The Green House Cottages of Belle Meade is not in network with the Veteran’s Administration at this time.
What is a Green House Cottage?
Green House Cottages are homes that can house up to 12 elders at a time while promoting dignity, independence, and freedom. Each cottage is designed to feel like home, with all rooms being private along with a private bathroom. You will find an open kitchen, dining, and living area in each cottage. The intimacy of each cottage allows elders and staff to form more meaningful relationships which helps ensure that the best quality of care is provided to each elder as an individual.
Who manages The Green House Cottages of Belle Meade?

The Green House Cottages of Belle Meade is operated by Paragould GH Operations, LLC, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.